Tik-tak-tik-tak – Reminds the Clock






Two blessings.

Where did they go?

Where your treasure  is; There your heart  also.


Don’t Stop Believing – on Your Dreams

Don't Stop Believing...

Don’t Stop Believing…

Throw your dreams into the space like a giant kite
Sway by the wind to which ways it set
You never know what it will bring back in time
A new love, a new life, a new friend to treasure

Carve your dreams into the ground like a mountain rock
Strike by the storm it can always withstand
You whisper in your heart the seeds of fulfillment
The passion, the strength, the patience to pursue

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams
Live the life you always imagined
Don’t stop believing, no giving-up
Dare to always dream!!!

God Answers …

God always answers!
It comes in countless ways.
As we welcome the sunrise,
’til we bid goodbye to the moonbeam.
As we call it a day, He would simply say!
“I give you Life, to celebrate Me.”
Like the rain that dance in the roof;
like the birds that sing in the air.

Let’s celebrate Him.