NaPoWriMo Day 13 – Roasting Coffee to Dreaming Life

Dreaming – an integral step in
Crafting the highest quality cup of life.
Characters solely organic certified,
Most importantly, all Fair Trade.

Sustainability is very important.
Dedication and Hard work of
Life growers and their families
Make the life what it is.

Efforts of farmers and careful selection
of each and every individual character
live on through every batch of
‘Death Wish Life’.

Dreaming process itself is a
culmination of over 100 years
of combined dreaming techniques
and experience by the dreaming experts.

These years of experience equate to superb
Dreaming results paying particular attention
to the nuances – profiles, dream shades,
and the blending of varietal characters.

Like fine wine, a perfect dream is not produced
in massive quantities. Micro-dreaming the characters
For customers to receive the freshest, most flavorful,
and strongest life in the world…. Guaranteed!

Here’s my attempt for the NaPoWriMo prompt of “Replacement” poem. Because of my location, I may be behind one day in applying the writing prompts. Though it’s optional to use them, I am apt to follow them.

Okay! Because I love coffee, most especially one that has the strongest blend, i found this “Death Wish Coffee” brand website as I googled. I liked what I read about the Roasting Process, and so decided to use it for today’s poem. There are three tangible nouns that I replaced with intangible ones –  roast, coffee, and beans to be replaced with dream, life, and characters, respectively.

Happy reading, and please share your thoughts on the comments below. 🙂


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