NaPoWriMo Day 6 – Out Through the Window

The Scene: By My Window

The Scene: Across My Window

Blue triangular roof –
Wondered one if it’s the sky
Towered the building high.

Tight closed windows –
Seemed lodged on sturdy wall
Brought fancy to my eyesight.

Black-and-white pigeons –
Flapped their wings and drifted high
Painted shadows on that wall.

One, Two, Three pigeons –
Counted them as they hopped and hopped
Chattered loud as they flew.

Still parked cars –
Caught my eyes down the ground
Waited long as of now.

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompts us to look outside our window, and spends a minute or so to jot down all the nouns, verbs, and colors we can see. From those list of words, we scramble and twist and weave them to make a poem.

On this poem, you will realize what scene to have to live in an apartment surrounded with some other apartments. The view as you looked-out and looked-down, they are static and seem lifeless. But as your eyes journey towards upward, it’s completely a different view.


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